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Partnering with Parents the way Texas Education Code 26.001 states, and Attracting, Retaining and Supporting teachers is necessary to put Students First. Lake Travis ISD students deserve a quality education and I believe we can give them this. 


After this recent Pandemic our children are going to need more support than ever before. We need to be proactive in our vision for our children, making certain that no student is left behind and taking a new approach on how we identify and support the students in need. The statistics are grim and children across the nation are suffering and here in LTISD our students are too, but they don’t have to. Tackling this crisis head on, and knowing that early intervention is key, we can all come together, heal, and support these children in every way needed.

By Partnering with Parents and Supporting Teachers, we put Students First. 



TRANSPARENCY starts with our school’s leadership. I believe our students, parents, teachers and community members would benefit from building a culture of transparency and connectivity. Creating a culture where we share successes and failures of teaching and learning will give us the opportunity to grow in a more positive direction. Education is the cornerstone to a free and prosperous people. 


We need to EMPOWER our future, our children, with a rigorous academic education while examining vocational and technical training.


Every child has a right to a quality education and teachers have the most impact on a student’s success in the classroom. ACCOUNTABILITY to our children means holding everyone with responsibilities to our students to a high moral standard. We need to attract and retain the people with the most impact on our students, our teachers.